NGO group wants parliament dissolved

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

A NON-government organisation suggests that parliament be dissolved in light of the current political impasse.
President of the Papua New Guinea Good Go­vernance Organisation  (PNGGGO) John Kerenga Kugl urges Sir Michael Somare and Peter O’Neill to stop fighting and let common sense prevail by resolving the issue in the Melanesian way. 
Kugl suggests that one camp should surrender and a unity government be formed.
But the stand-off must not be prolonged because it could cause civil unrest in the country.
“The two leaders cannot hold the country to ransom,” Kugl said.
“The government institutions must operate normally and services delivered as usual,” he added.
He asked young politicians from both factions to think wisely of their involvement in the stand-off between Somare and O’Neill because it could affect their political careers.
“This political deadlock cannot be constitutionally solved or argued unless parliament is dissolved by the National Executive Council,” he said.
The NGO was formed in 2000.
It has about 2,000 members who are professionals in the PNG workforce.
PNGGGO, the organisation, deals with corruption, good governance and transparency issues.
It is based in Port Moresby but has four branches in Southern Highlands, Chimbu, Morobe  and Madang.
Meanwhile, NGO activist Noel Anjo is also calling on all so­cieties to help get the nation back on track.
“Churches and NGOs are playing important roles in trying to bring both sides together to find a solution and the civil society can be proud of what it is doing,” he said.
PNGGGO is made up of former students of the University of Papua New Guinea.