NGO reaches out through music

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 Harim Tok is a unique music album that was officially launched last week  at Walium in the Usino-Bundi district of Madang.

Unlike ordinary groups or band striving to make it big in the PNG music scene, this group of talented youths, who call themselves the Lukluk Raun Tasol and Yandix band, integrated their songs into Harim Tok, which serves as an advocacy tool. 

The bands perform in communities using theatre plays to address topics such as HIV/AIDS, drugs and alcohol abuse and gender-based violence.

“I am so proud of our achievements, thanks to World Vision and Harmoni Project,” an emotional Mark Willie said at the launching last Friday. 

Willie, a member of the Lukluk Raun Tasol, helped produced the album. 

World Vision taught youths about the art of music and how to advocate issues affecting communities through music via its Harmoni Music and Arts Youth outreach project, which was completed last year.

“I had no idea about different note progressions and how to write music. I only understood the basic chords of a simple palang guitar,” Willie recalled. 

It’s a similar positive transformation for most of the youths in the band. 

“I would probably be smoking marijuana and getting into trouble with the law if I did not take a chance on music,” Lox Timula of the Yandix Band said.  

“Music has given me confidence and hope for the future.”

Speaking at the launch, World Vision’s Madang programme manager Smith Sapaka congratulated the youths and encouraged a continuity of successful advocacies through music. 

“Music is a language that speaks to one and all and brings communities together. We will continue to improve lives and advocate issues affecting communities through music,” Sapaka said.

Usino-Bundi district provided K5,000 for the production of 300 music CDs for the group.  Raibus Security sponsored the outfit for both bands. 

Sokya Philkasim, community development officer for the Usino-Bundi district, on behalf of Madang provincial government, appreciated the participation of World Vision through its community initiatives. 

World Vision’s Milton Kwaipo, who was in charge of the Harmoni Music and Arts Youth Outreach project last year, is now the project manager for Kamapim Senis project. 

“It is quite challenging to work in communities but very fulfilling to see individuals benefiting from these projects,” Kwaipo said.

Kamapim Senis project is a continuation of community involvement, enhancing and developing lives for a better tomorrow.