NGO teaches kids on media

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The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013


A NON-governmental organisation is teaching school children how the media works and how they can use the media to promote rights and peace in the country. 

Live and Learn Environmental Education (LLEE) ran a three-day workshop last month in Kimbe, West New Britain on media and children’s rights.

Eighteen primary school students participated in the workshop. 

LLEE said in a statement that children did not often have the opportunity to express what they felt and thought in an evolving society. 

“During the workshop children were given the opportunity to write press releases expressing their concerns on issues affecting their education in school, such as lack of sporting facilities, parents not providing lunch for their children, and teachers’ poor performance,” the LLEE said.

Formal education projects coordinator Siwe Kupe-Matawe said the workshop also benefited adults.

“Teachers and parents, who also participated, think it is an eye-opening experience.

“They gained knowledge on how the media operate and how they can utilise it by reporting on events and activities happening in their communities,” Kupe-Matawe said.

Valoka Primary School student Vanessa August speaking on behalf of the students said they were now better educated and confident to approach the media. 

The workshop was organised by the LLEE and media personnel in West New Britain.

It was funded by the European Union.