NGOs help school, health centre install water supply system

Health Watch

TWO non-government organisations (NGOs) in Eastern Highlands are combining to install water supply systems for a school and a health centre.
Komperi Primary School and the area’s local health centre in Henganofi will benefit from work being done by NGOs Touching the Untouchables (TTU) and Oxfam International.
The two organisations are facilitating the project based on research which found that access to clean water had been a major problem for the Komperi health sub-centre and primary school over the past five years.
This was because the existing water supply system had not been maintained.
Oxfam and TTU restored water supply to the school and health centre supporting the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (Unicef’s) water, sanitation and hygiene (Wash) project in the district.
TTU carries out awareness on encouraging health and safety aspects in the use of water with staffs and community members while Oxfam installs the water supply systems.
TTU project coordinator in Henganofi Susan Kevengu said their message and encouragement to the communities was about behavioural change and positive attitudes for the community to take ownership of services implemented to ensure sustainability.
“We are more concerned with the behaviour of staff and the community members and are training them to practice healthy lifestyles, physically and mentally,” she said.
The project is targeting 12 schools, 12 communities and eight health centres in Henganofi. Oxfam’s Henganofi Wash project officer Joe Joseph said the communities around Komperi would also have access to the water supply.
“We are including the communities as part of the project because of the water sources,” he said.
The water supply system will be constructed next month as Oxfam is yet to identify an experienced Wash facility contractor.