NGOs in PNG should contact PEGS-PNG

Letters, Normal

I read with great interest the article “Many challenges facing PNG, says NGO” that appeared in your paper on Sept 14.
I want to commend the writer, Dulcie Oreke, for highlighting the urgent need of PEAN (PNG Education Advocacy Network) to improve literacy rate in PNG and the difficulty it encounters to get official support for its important work.
I hope that this will make PEAN and many more NGOs that experience similar difficulties aware of the suggestion I discussed in one of my recent “Scarlett’s Letters: Many seek the Umbrella’s Shelter” that appeared in the Weekender last July regarding the advantages that the establishment of a “PNG Umbrella NGO” would offer not only to the activities of PNG NGOs but also more generally to the improvement of PNG development in general.
Anyone interested to know more about this should contact Paul Hukahu, the executive director of  PEGS-PNG (e-mail: [email protected]; mobile no.71208244).


Dr T. Scarlett Epstein OBE
Executive director of