NGOs urged to improve performance

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Non-governmental organisations have been urged to adopt practical ideas and improve their performance in service delivery in order to win Government’s favour and become effective implementers of services to the people.
Martha Wohwiehembe with the National Capital District Commission’s technical team urged participants of one-day workshop organised by NCDC and Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), to adopt ideas from countries like Japan and Guatemala in Central America that could easily be adapted into their programme and activities in order to deliver the needed services to the people of Papua New Guinea.
“Their ideas would be helpful in enhancing our understanding of our duties and how we could improve to gain the favour and work in partnership with our Government and like some of these foreign NGOs, we could become major players in the service delivery in our own communities or centres,” Ms Wohwiehembe said.
More than 60 participants from 30 NGOs, community–based and faith-based organisations attended the workshop at the Holiday Inn in Port Moresby yesterday to share ideas and establish networking partners to effectively deliver services to both rural and urban communities.
“The participating NGOs, faith–based  and community–based organisations could realise this by fully  supporting and cooperation with harmony and transparency at workplace and integrating with other NGOs and development partners to achieve aims and objectives,” Kyoji Mitzutani, resident representative of JICA PNG, said.
Mr Mitzutani said the workshop on “Empowering NGOs in PNG” was based on the fact that NGOs in PNG have been, were still and would be a major partner in the development of the country since independence.
“However, there seems to be no proper recognition given and as such these NGOs have to request for support both financially and in kind from donor agencies and raise funds themselves through their members to sustain their programmes,” he added.
The workshop coordinated by NCDC with the Technical Support funded by JICA Alumin Association.