NHC boss clarifies sale of office


By Muhuyupe Soranzi
NATIONAL Housing Corporation (NHC) managing director Ditha Nayabbanung says the sale of the NHC office in Wewak, East Sepik, was based on an agreement between the firm who bought the property and NHC.
Speaking to The National on Tuesday, Nayabbanung said he signed for the property to be sold based on an agreement that the firm would rebuild the property and allocate an office for NHC in the new building.
“I cannot just sign a document for the sale of a NHC property for nothing and I cannot sell an NHC office because we are in need of an office,” he said.
“But I did sign for the property to be sold because of an agreement.  And the agreement was that the firm who bought that office will demolish the office and build a new office and allocate an office space for NHC in that building at no cost,” Nayabbanung said.
He said the new building would also give a facelift to Wewak town.
Nayabbanung further said he agreed to the sale of the building because the payments received would assist the NHC pay its employees.
Meanwhile, Nayabbanung said he welcomed any investigation into NHC if some critiques thought that he was selling NHC properties worth millions of kina.
He said this while responding to a question by The National about claims on social media that he was selling properties in Lae and Port Moresby.
“If people think that I am selling properties of NHC for my personal gain then come and do a total investigation into NHC because I have nothing to hide,” he said.
“All I am doing now is fix and straighten up NHC from the mess created by the past managements,” Nayabbanung said.