NHC boss ordered to appear in court

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The National – Friday, June 17, 2011

THE acting managing director of the National Housing Corporation (NHC) and its legal officer were on Wednesday ordered by the Waigani National Court to appear in court today.
The court ordered that failing to appear would result in contempt charges.
The matter arose from a dispute over a property in Port Moresby.
The plaintiff in the matter, Mokonda Rema, had claimed that NHC had been accepting rental deduction from the property, a house on Paga Hill, when the house was alleged to have been sold to former chief secretary  Isaac Lupari.
Rema  argues that he was still paying rentals to NHC without knowing that the property had reportedly been transferred to another person.
Rema’s lawyer told the court that NHC’s acting mana­ging director Tarcissius Muganaua and its legal officer had failed to co­operate in resolving the issue.
In addition the lawyer said NHC had  not been assisting the court despite being advised to do so on numerous occasions.
The matter was  before Justice Ambeng Kandakasi who ordered that all concerned must  at­tend court.
Kandakasi said he understood that the acting ma­naging director and the legal officer had generally failed to co­operate to assist the court in the matter.
It is understood the NHC is under the care of Muganaua after former managing director Paul Asakusa was dismissed.