NHC houses need renovation


DEAR Housing and Urban Development minister, in June, last year, you visited the National Housing Corporation Apartment in Hohola and told the tenants that you would instruct the managing director to fix the steps and erect a roof over the steps.
It’s 2020 and nothing has eventuated.
The steps going up to floor 1 & 2 are in dire need of urgent maintenance.
The apartment houses more than 100 families with children who frequently use the damaged steps, risking their lives.
A number of children have fallen while negotiating the damaged steps.
Luckily they were not seriously hurt.
Your ministry has failed as landlords to keep your premises in good condition.
The NHC is posing itself to be sued if any of the tenants fall and sustain serious injuries.
So Mr Minister, when are you going to have the hostel fixed?

Legal tenants,

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