NHC in the dark, staff sent home

National, Normal

STAFF members at the National Housing Corporation office in Tokarara were forced to go home early yesterday because their office was in darkness.
A senior NHC staff member said power was cut because of non-payment of bills.
“The management has not explained to us, but we do not seem to have money to pay utility bills such as power,” the staff said on condition of anonymity.
“We are paying security firms and legal consultants a lot of money each week and this could be the source of our cash flow problems,” the staff added.
The NHC is also being faced with a number of lawsuits that could lead to more financial losses.
Recently, a staff member who was sacked, took the NHC to court and was awarded damages.
Failure by the NHC to pay the former staff Martin Lulu enabled him to obtain a garnishee order.
Mr Lulu goes to court today to obtain a garnishee absolute, which would ensure he gets his K200,000 direct from the NHC bank account.
NHC lawyers are expected to appear in court today to set aside the garnishee order.
Meanwhile, former NHC managing director Paul Asukusa is also expected to appear in court today to make a fresh application for his reinstatement as head of the organisation.