NHC, Water PNG working on housing project’s water supply


THE National Housing Corporation (NHC) is working with Water PNG Ltd to connect water to the K20 million Duran Farm Housing project, says managing director Henry Mokono.
He gave a cheque for K100,000 last Friday to Water PNG to connect the main pipes. Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko advised Mokono to pull down 60 homes built earlier at the project site.
Mokono said the delayed project which had taken almost seven years would resume in phases.
There will be about 5,200 homes built. “The project (has been) ongoing for seven years. We will launch the project properly, start construction immediately. About five developers will be onsite,” he said.
The NHC is working with Water PNG and PNG Power on the project.
“The land is so big. The budget for this project is about K20 million-plus. It’s going to be a mega project. It will be a suburb of its own, with its own schools, supermarkets, sporting areas, hospital facilities. The design work by our team has included all these.”
Tkatchenko said expressions of interests for contractors had been sent out.
“All the contractors who were there before were appointed illegally,” he said.
“No proper process was followed.”