Nicta: Safer Internet Day raises awareness about online issues


THE Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness on online issues and concerns, according to the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (Nicta).
Chief executive officer Kila Gulo-Vui said during the opening of the day in Port Moresby yesterday that the internet was an integral part of people’s daily lives and brought about changes to the lives of young people.
“These opportunities do not come without challenges which we, as a community, have to address,” he said. “From cyberbullying to social networking to digital identity, each year, the safer internet day aims to raise to awareness of emerging online issues and current concerns.”
Information and Communications Technology Minister Timothy Masiu said with the country on the superhighway of the internet, it was important to embrace the applications and services that bring positive changes to people.
“Internet safety, online safety, online wellbeing, cyber safety or e-safety is the process of ensuring and trying to be safe on the internet,” he said. Masiu warned about online predators and other threats lurking online.
“At the forefront of it all, we must educate our younger generation to separate online fact from fiction,” he said.