Nicta working on cybercrime policy

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THE National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta) says a cybercrime security policy is being put together.
Chief executive officer Charles Punaha, pictured, said the draft was in its final stages.
“Currently, we are working on the cybercrime security policy,” he said.
“That is almost in the final stages.
“And we will be doing public consultation on the actual draft policy.
“Obviously that will be followed by the cyber security legislation.
“The cyber security policy is almost complete.”
Punaha said the cyber security facility was already in Downtown, Port Moresby.
“We need to put in the policy to cover both the policy aspects of cyber security.”
Meanwhile, Punaha said Nicta had also noted cases relating to the use of cyber laws that went before the courts.
“We are having ongoing consultations with the police,” he said.
“Now that a number of cases have been coming up, some members of the police are getting some experience in gathering evidence or gathering information and then prosecuting these cases in court.
“We have noted that there has been some cases where the courts have made decisions on them.
“So I think our (Nicta’s) view is that both the police and the magistrates now have some understanding on the cybercrime legislation.
“(But) there is more to be done.
“We have to engage more with the police, the magisterial services, and the National Court.
“We hope to have some funding next year.”

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