Night Owl Security praised for saving lives at Goroka


QUICK thinking by the Night Owl Security Service (NOSS) driver and commanding officer to use their vehicle to disperse a mob and quell a violent confrontation and in the event save two lives on Tuesday, Feb 26, is worth acknowledging in the public media.
Two men in their 30s had arrived in a fully loaded 10-seater vehcile, parked outside a residence, entered the premises and attacked an elderly betel nut seller using two heavy pieces of sawn timber.
The seller crashed to the ground unconscious in full view of the public in front of the Goroka district courthouse.
Young men from within the premises gave chase and the two attackers with their accomplices rushed back into the waiting vehicle to escape.Men ran out of the residence and gave chase, but were temporarily held back when missiles of sawn timber, sticks and other weapons were hurled at them from inside the parked vehicle.
The attackers had certainly planned their raid well.The missiles of sawn timber and wood hurled from within the parked vehicle were caught in midair by the chasers as members of the public joined in, resulting in three of the attackers being injured and their car badly damaged.
The NOSS 10-seater entered the scene from nowhere and started separating the mob with several runs through the crowd and barring the gate to the premises of the fallen victim, commanded the attackers in the damaged vehicle to clear off and stopping the crowd from launching further attacks on the vehicle and its occupants.
The NOSS commanding officer yelled out to the crowd to allow the attackers to leave while he used his vehicle to take the casualties from both sides to the emergency unit at Goroka Hospital.
At the hospital, the NOSS team dispersed supporters from both sides to leave their grievances outside the hospital premises as the hospital ground was a neutral area for saving lives.
The role the NOSS team and members of the public in Goroka played in the dispersal of the crowd that was fighting a fierce battle is kindly acknowledged. Like on many occasions in Goroka and throughout Eastern Highlands, issues and situations are resolved in the most suitable manner, and satisfying to all parties.
Your actions on that day helped save many lives.
Thank you, NOSS, and everyone else who stood up for peace.

Mangi Humeleveka