Nigi warns on police brutality

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The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

JIWAKA police commander Simon Nigi has warned policemen and women to stop assaulting people.
He urged them to respect people’s rights and treat them fairly.
Nigi spoke last Friday during a parade at Banz police station after receiving reports of police brutality in the new highlands province.
“Always respect people’s rights when enforcing law; no person is to be locked up in the police cell without first being charged with an offence,” he said.
Nigi also urged people to report any instance of police brutality, including unethical conduct, to his office with photographs of injuries sustained, medical reports and witnesses’ statements soon after the incident.
He urged police to attend to complaints professionally without using excessive force.
Nigi also instructed his three police station commanders from Minj, Banz and Nondugl to lead by good example.
“I expect high outcome of work performances from all members including their overall conduct and behavior both on and off duty, for PSC, this will be the reflection of the type of leadership and command and control you display at your respective stations,” he said.
Nigi said any downfall in discipline and work output from any members would not be tolerated.
He said that all members rostered for duty must turn up on time, properly attired and in a sober condition.
Nigi issued a warning that any member who turned up for duty, drunk would be suspended and dealt with the next day.
He said all arrested persons in the cell including bail money must be accounted for after every shift.
The handover parade must be conducted after every shift by the shift non-commissioned officers.
Police vehicles must be cleaned every day and used for official duties only, he warned.
Nigi also said all arms and ammunitions must be accounted for after every shift.
Any discharge of firearms must be reported soon after the incident in the daily occurrence book for follow up purposes.