Nimamar to get roofs

National, Normal

The National, Monday 23rd January 2012

PEOPLE in all 15 wards in the Nimamar local level government in New Ireland now have the opportunity to receive sheets of corrugated roofing iron under the provincial government’s roof over head programme.
Twelve people each from the 15 wards will benefit under the programme after they pay their subsidies to enable them to receive the sheets of corrugated roofing iron.
The programme will enable people in the province to benefit by putting a roof over their heads and enable them to collect good drinking water to improve their standard of living.
People in the Nimamar LLG will be the last to receive help under the programme, which is set to be launched in Lihir next month.
It is understood that the disabled, the elderly and those who have planted economic trees on the island during the past 12 months will receive their quarterly payments under similar provincial government programmes during the launch.
Lihir’s supply of corrugated roofing iron for distribution under the programme arrived on the island last month and coordinator Chris Masep has already received K9,000 in subsidies from potential recipients.