Nine new recruits join PNGDF

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THE military culture is tough and all about discipline and perseverance which every new recruit must adopt in order to familiarise themselves with army ethics in order to be well guided as an officer in the army.
This was the message from PNGDF chief of Staff Navy Capt Tom Ur last Friday, to nine PNGDF professional cadet recruits including two women.
The group completed a three-week intensive training programme at the Goldie barracks.
“You will now move into or are part of a new culture embedded with military tradition and you have all passed these fundamentals of training but it does not end there.
“The end of your training is just the beginning and there will be tougher times and challenges ahead,” Capt Ur said.
He urged the officers to put to use as officers in the PNGDF what they had gained during their training.
The nine recruits were enlisted from various Government institutions and private sector which included the departments of education and police.
One of the  two females in the group is Capt Louisa Wanma, who is a pathologist by profession.
She will now serve as an army pathologist at the Taurama medical hospital.
Amongst others in the group is a food technologist, a chaplain and a former police band musician.
The new officers were selected according to the needs within the PNGDF under the direct professional recruitment programme which is an on-going initiative under PNGDF and Australian army.