Nineteen Highlands leagues back Juffa

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The National, Wednesday 23rd November 2011

NINETEEN Rugby Football Leagues in the Highlands have joined PNGRFL interim member Gary Juffa in taking interim chairman John Numapo to court.
The bid is to topple Numapo for alleged one-man decisions in PNGRFL affairs, and to have Juffa take over as interim chairman, in order to facilitate an Annual General Meeting of the PNGRFL board so that a permanent board of directors was appointed.
According to court documents filed at Waigani National Court, the respective leagues are from Mendi, Wabag, Tabubil, Kundiawa, Tari, Pangia, Ialibu, Porgera, Gomis, Minj, Kudjip, Nondugl, Banz, Fatima, Kindeng, Kondopina, Dei, Kerowil and Goroka.
It is however, understood that a court order of April 8 appointed Numapo as the interim chairman, and also ordered that the AGM be held by or before Nov 30.
Numapo had thus set the date for this Saturday at the Melanesian Hotel in Lae.
However, the plaintiff’s were of the view that Numapo should not be part and parcel of the meeting, and thus sought a court order to have him removed.
This is the second consecutive AGM that has been threatened by court action with 2009’s meeting also aborted.