Ninety-eight students make it out of elementary classes


One of the oldest elementary schools in the heart of Lae graduated 98 students last Thursday.
The Bumneng Elementary School held its 17th graduation with students in shining blue and white coloured gowns.
Bumneng was formerly a pre-school established in Lae in the 1980s.
In 1998 it officially became a government-run elementary school and was included in the standard-based education system.
Head teacher Mary-Esther Gong, who has taught there for more than 10 years, was grateful for the increased enrolments this year.
She said this year they had a total of 418 students enrolled, which was a huge increase from the previous years.
Gong said the increase was achieved because they were the only elementary school with three classes each in elementary prep, grade one and grade two.
She said most of the students graduating would attend Huonville Primary School but, if parents preferred other schools they could consult the school administration for changes.
Gong said some of the students lived as far as Taraka and Nadzab and parents might want them to continue in primary schools closer to home.
She thanked the The National for visiting the school last week, saying it was the first such visit from a media outlet.