Ningerum High lacks dormitory to accommodate female students


Female students of Ningerum High School in Western will have accommodation problems when classes resume today, principal Galbert Anep says.
He said the school used to have four female dormitories but two had burnt down consecutively in 2016 and 2017, leaving only two small dormitories.
“Our male students will be alright but our female students will be affected. They will be forced to squeeze up in the two dormitories that are available,” he said.
“School enrols 570 female students and the school management is currently in discussion on how we could accommodate our female students.”
Anep said classes would not be resuming this week as it was on the school calendar.
This week will mostly be student enrolment.
“Given the geographical condition of the province, many teachers are still travelling,” he said.
“Most are walking, while some are travelling on canoes to reach the school.
“Therefore, teachers’ arrival at school has been at a slow pace.”
Meantime, Anep said they were still waiting a report on a recent arson case from last year, as well as from previous years.
The school started experiencing arson since 2015 when nine male students’ dormitories were burnt down.
In 2017, the school again had an attempted arson case on one of its classrooms. A week later, a boys’ dormitory was burnt down.
In 2018, a school laboratory had an attempted arson, followed by burning down of an administration office.
In Sept 2018, there was an attempted arson occurred on the house of the deputy principal.
Anep said investigations were conducted by provincial education authorities but the reports had not come out.
“We have not identified the causes and suspects,” he said.
“We are confused what is happening to school infrastructure. Communities are blaming teachers and students while the school is blaming the communities.”