Niningi sets date to reveal selection list


High Education, Science, Research and Technology Minister Pila Niningi said the introduction of online selection for grade 12 students for high education will help minimise corruption.
Responding to a question from Bougainville Governor Joe Lera, Niningi said that had been a question in the minds of parents for a long time.
“The department has taken this step to minimise corruption in terms of selection. The system is computerised to make the selection,” he said.
“On Dec 13, 2017, I will press the button.
“That is when we will know how many students are selected and which students go to the respective institutions.
“This government has taken steps to avoid corruption in the selection of students to tertiary institutions.”
Niningi, in response to suggestions of establishing a university in Bougainville, said the Bougainville government needed to do the initial ground work.
“You have to provide the land and the means and we will give you the university,” he said.
“We can all work together to establish a university for Bougainville and I appreciate you raising the concerns.
“It is this government’s intention to establish a university in Bougainville, and we will do it.
“We all have to work together.”