Niningi setting good example


I SALUTE Inter-Government Relations Minister and Imbonggu MP Pila Niningi for his great work in delivering basic services to the marginalised Imbonggu. He is doing remarkably well even after just three years of being voted in.
Niningi has contested in the past seven elections for the Imbonggu seat before winning it.
For the people of Imbonggu, his win meant a new era of development.
Within a short time, Walume district headquarters has seen a rise in new buildings.
The Pokorapulg Health Centre is likely to become a hospital, given the availability of land and the established and recognised health centre.
Just recently, Niningi launched a road project from Koitoli to Tambul at Kapolapuil village in Imbonggu.
The road maintenance has already begun.
Niningi sets the example for all leaders to follow in serving the people.

Justin Max Undi
Kerendah Village

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  • He Is doing a Great Job… Thumbs Up to you Minister. Weed Corruption and send those Aliens back to where they came from.

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