NIP urged to assess work plans

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The National, Thursday 13th September, 2012

NEW Ireland provincial administrator Monovi Amani has been directed to address the political staff and establish a working relationship with the three arms of the government.
Governor Sir Julius Chan told the provincial administration staff to assess and revise policies and programmes being implemented by the government to deliver effective services.
When addressing the provincial assembly on his return after the ninth  parliament sitting last week, Sir Julius said the provincial administration needed to identify the missing link to the delivery of government services in the province from the elected MPs, administration and the people. 
Sir Julius said New Ireland continued to muster innovative policies and programmes but whether they were appreciated had to be assessed and revised.
Amani said an effective working relationship between the administration and the government began with a decision by each individual. 
“That decision includes engaging in negative deeds and misbehaviour during working hours.
“Let us acknowledge our failures as well as challenges and be prepared to shoulder them honestly, responsibly and serve with trust.”
He said if they did not have the heart to serve they should not be there.
He said that the administration was aiming to rekindle values of workers within the government and administration of the province.
Sir Julius acknowledged comments by senior government officials to readjust approaches with the provincial government to be efficient in service delivery during his term.
He said the administration and the government must move ahead and look at rebuilding the new administration block, renovating of the governor’s office and accommodation and the Namatanai district office, Government House to cater for a new-look public service and provincial government.