Nipa Basin LLG assists schools

Highlands, Normal


THE Towan Primary School in the Nipa-Kutubu district, Southern Highlands province, now has a library.
This was made possible by the Nipa Basin LLG council with an allocation of K10,000 last month.
Council president David Navur said they also allocated another K4,000 for an incomplete classroom.
Mr Navur said under the national education plan, the Nipa Basin LLG council had plans in place to build a library for the Nipa administration and Kondi and Puril primary schools next year.
They also plan to build libraries for the Kembil and Egenda community schools.
He said K4,000 was presented to all the primary schools and K2,000 each to the two community schools to carry out renovations.
Eight sets of computers were also donated to Nipa Secondary School worth more than K20,000.
Mr Navur said this year, they gave K15,000 to Ingin Community School to carry out renovation after the school was closed 15 years ago.
Once it reopens, they would allocate more funds next year to do more work for the school.
Mr Navur said apart from the other infrastructure developments, they also looked closely at quality education in the Nipa Basin area, adding that the young generation must receive quality education to bring the district and country forward.