Nipa-Kutubu community grateful to MP for service

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 3rd, 2013

 THE people of Nipa-Kutubu in Southern Highlands have commended their MP Jeffery Komal for taking the lead to deliver road infrastructure worth more than K6.1 million.

The people said after many years of neglect, Komal had funded maintenance work on the Ungubi-Aralenja roads serving the people of Halal, Poiya, Hungubi and Aralaenja.

They said in a statement that for the first time the forgotten people of Komea and Injin would have a better road network with the funding of K1 million by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and another K1 million by Komal.

“We want to put the money where the mouth is and bring those who have been denied and called the back page people to be in the front line in service delivery,” Komal said.

“The time for politics is gone and it’s time for service delivery.

“We are focusing on a new-look Nipa-Kutubu and a new-look SHP in terms of service delivery,” he said. Komal thanked Powi for helping fund roads.