Nipa-Kutubu district Easter camp a success

Faith, Normal

The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013


HUNDREDS of people from Southern Highlands turned up at a United church Easter camp in Nipa-Kutubu district last Wednesday.

The camp, which also witnessed the launching of a five-year plan, was held Pinja village in Nipa-Kutubu because it was the area notorious for criminal activities such as hold-ups on the highway.

Many people travelling the highlands highway at Nipa are always afraid of the regular hold-ups and harassment of travellers.

The camp saw highlands ministers, regional staff, youth groups, women fellowship groups and pastors come together.

United church Bishop Rev Wesis Parap said everyone had contributed something to make the Easter camp a success.

He said church workers and Christians must play an important role in helping change people’s lives.

“Church workers have no other work – their only work is to speak of peace, talk of good and help communities repent,” he said.

Nipa-Kutubu MP Pesap Jeffery Komal said without the church, there would be no government. Likewise, without government there would no church.

He said he believed that the Easter camp would play an important role in restoring Christianity in the district as Christians will be listening, praying and reaching out.

He said the government had endorsed the national public-private partnership policy to facilitate private investment in the delivery of infrastructure and infrastructural-related services. 

He will make sure the church will benefit too.

“With God, nothing is impossible. Therefore we must seek the kingdom of God first and all other earthly things will fall easily in line,” he said.

The Easter camp was supposed to be held last year but was postponed because of the general election.