Nipa-Kutubu LLGs eyed


NIPA-KUTUBU is the most populous electorate in Papua New Guinea with five local level governments gazetted and two others nominated.
The Constitutional Review Commission knows how many local level governments are allowed under the law. I believe an electorate should consist of two or three LLGs.
Nipa-Kutubu has a population of more than 200,000, so the new electorate should consist of Nembi Plateau, Kutubu and Mt Bosavi.
The people of the three LLGs have the same origin as the people of Nembi Plateau, who are 98 per cent Heyo and Huli.
We have been unfairly treated by the Nipas and the Poromas.
We pray that the commission understands our plea and agrees to it.
Come 2020, let us come to the scene of politics as the new kids on the block.

Merson Titpalapu
Titra Heights
Nembi Plateau

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