NNB chief blasts ‘wantok’ mentality

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THE director general of the National Narcotics Bureau (NNB) John Mapusa has blamed the collapse of the public service on the recruitment and selection of wantoks, political affiliation and bribery.
“Many public service recruitment and selection processes are being done through wantok system, political affiliation and bribery, resulting in the recruitment of unqualified and inexperienced people into the public service every year,” Mapusa said.
He said this had resulted in the complete break-down of the public service machinery in the country.
“Public service organisations should be mindful of these issues when making selection and recruitment of staff into their organisations.”
Mapusa made the call after NNB senior officers reported that people had been going into their office and even to  their homes asking to be considered for positions they applied for in a recent jobs advertisement by NNB.
“I am calling on the public to refrain from coming to NNB head office with the intention to influence our staff regarding the job advertisement as applications closed last Friday.”
“The National Narcotics Bureau is a state institution and is not the property of any ethnic group nor is it affiliated with any political groups.”
Mapusa said decision reached by the selection committee would be strictly based on merit.
He said  the current management of the NNB, together with the department of personnel management and public service commission, would closely monitor and manage the entire selection process to ensure that  wantok system, nepotism and bribery were not entertained.
“Successful applicants will be selected purely on qualification and experience in meeting all selection criteria’s set so that the workforce in place will be highly professional in discharging the mandate of the organisation that has been disorganised and slack for a very long time.”
Mapusa said it was time the NNB faced the challenges PNG was in and address the country’s  prevailing drug abuse.