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A JUDGE has rejected a bail application by a man charged with killing his partner because it is a serious offence and that he may interfere with witnesses.
Justice Paul Tusais told Bosip Kaiwi, 25, of Minj, Jiwaka, that the submission by his lawyer did not constitute reasonable grounds to grant bail.
Kaiwi is facing a wilful murder charge for the death of his partner Jenelyn Kennedy on June 23 after a series of alleged beatings.
His grounds for bail submitted by his lawyer Samuel Inisi of Inisi Lawyers are that he has an existing medical condition, he has received threats of harm and assault from warders and those on remand at Bomana who are Jenelyn’s relatives, the custody issues of their two children aged three and one, and his fear of catching the Covid-19 due to overcrowding in prison.
Justice Tusais rejected the application.
“All the grounds for bail do not make out reasonable grounds,” he said.
“The facts alleged against Kaiwi are that he continuously assaulted his wife, now deceased, starting on June 18 and continued every day until she finally died on June 23.
“The beatings took place in Kaiwi’s bedroom.
“On two occasions, Kaiwi ordered his children’s babysitter to clean up the room and to burn the clothes that had blood stains.
“And when he realised that his wife had died, Kaiwi and his friends (took) her to the Port Moresby General Hospital, left her at the emergency section and fled the scene.
“Therefore bail is refused on grounds that Kaiwi is likely to interfere with state witnesses and the alleged offence consists of serious assault.”
On Kaiwi’s health, Justice Tusais said the community health worker who wrote a letter supporting his medical condition “does not depose his professional qualification to show his expertise in health care and treatment of patients”.
“He also didn’t refer to the suggested course of treatment for Kaiwi, whether he is to take tablets, injection or to be assisted with breathing difficulties on ventilators.
“I don’t know what is involved,” he said.
“For the second ground, Kaiwi is being kept in a segregated dormitory where he is away from other prisoners.
“So there is no threat.”
On the ground of overcrowding and the fear of contracting the Covid-19, (Kaiwi) “is kept in a segregated area, which is away from other remandees. And there has not been any reported case at the Bomana prison.”
On the custody of his children, he said Kaiwi should be allowed to attend proceedings in the Family Court.
Kaiwi has been further remanded to appear in the committal court on Oct 1.


  • let him to take life years in prison. he deserves it, even he knows that too.
    it will be fair to all others if he serve life years because, there are others who are serving life years with the same offences.

  • if me lawyer I would not even want to represent him…even if m givim mi large sum of money…because of the manner in which he killed the mother of his children….
    and thank you Judge for upholding the laws

  • Young man…haus kalabus is where you belong for now for the mistake of your life. Your incarceration is for Jenelyn’s memory.

  • Lawyers are liars – just see the reasons and a layman can already tell this reasons are not true.
    Pull your socks up Mr. lawyer

  • if other remandies are vulnerable in catching COVID-19, what is so special to Bosip Kaiwi..Is he a emperor of PNG or the son of a royal family?….he is just one among every ordinary PNGan and should be treated fairly as others. He is now a alleged murderer and should not be segregated in the prison block but rather be thrown in one of the ordinary cell blocks because he is now a state property.

  • The wife (Jenelyn) was beaten to death some months ago as we knew by media so why is he delayed to be imprision for life years which he deserved to be, He (Kaiwi) knows it very well from the bottom of his heart that he is the casue of Lt. JKs death. Therefore Kaiwi’s lawyer can play his part by defending him (Kaiwi) until the truth reveals his acttions. Thank you Judge for not allowing bail.

  • Mr Kawai should be ready to harvest what he sowed. why is he scared of dying in prison with asthma or COVID19? you can die peacefully in the prison from covid 19 or your chronic disease while you brutally murdered your wife and watched her dying in your bedroom with much suffering. you are no are true man but a devil.

  • Now adays, politician thinking of self interest so as the individuals. Since 45 years from independence, nothing much is improved so please genuine citizens of PNG I as a young citizen, beg youths to do consider GOD’s fearing leaders for the changes and effective development to eventuate.

    • There may be no such thing as “moral conscience” for Lawyer Inisi.
      He knows it too well that Kaiwi is guilty. He is only there for the money.

      Just look at those childish reasons for the bail application, knowing that the judge will throw them out.

  • Thankyou Judge for upholding the Law. None of his bail reasons is genuine enough to allow him bail. 3 months on and there is still no verdict. I pray for the victim’s beautiful soul to RIP and big hugs to her beautiful babies.

  • So the community medical worker is now a professional doctor who can write medical observations on personal health issues which a life threatening, wonder how much he made with his medical report

  • Murders dont deserve to live on this planet earth. Stop all forms of excuses. How can you take sone one’s life and ask for your own safety. You can just die in prisons my friend. See you in hell!

  • He has his side of the story. Let’s not pre-ampt the case. Everything happens for a reason. The Accused is not a mentally retarded person to deliberately do such. There may have been an invitation to provocation , he just emotionally went overboard which resulted in the unfortunate incident. God does forgives and he is the overall JUDGE.

  • Is there any truth in his claims that he is sick one way or another? Criminals like him should never be trusted. They are very capable of pretending to deceive. The animal does not deserve to be treated like a human BEING – a beast of the worst type. We thank the judge for justice.

  • His animalistic behavior and no sense of concern for the well-being of his partner puts him behind bars.
    Sexual Jealousy and deep hatred caused him to be callous. He shows no sign of mercy when she begged for her life and even plead with him for the sake of their children.
    He totally ignored her and left her to die in a brutal and horrific way with her hands and legs tied like a pig.
    He is truly a monster in a human body. He doesn’t deserve to see his own kids or out on bail.
    Let justice takes its course.
    Stop giving lame excuses, and even the Lawyer representing him lacks proper understanding or better judgement.
    He should be charged on first degree murder and let him to serve life imprisonment without parole.
    May you reap the consequences of your evil act, and, yes their is forgiveness in the Lord.
    Seek Him and ask for forgiveness.
    He is the Creator of life, He gives and takes, and who are you to take an innocent, defenseless life????????

  • Pauline Humbie needs to be Jenelyne’s replacement so that she can enjoy the experience and help this evil heartless murderer with her suggestion.

    Heartless, shameless and Money hungry lawyers like Samuel Inisi should understand very well that a merciless torturer and killer like Bosip Kaiwi deserves life imprisonment or death panalty regardless of his rights to have legal representation.

    Thank you very much Justice Tusais for your wisdom. May such decisions set a precedence for future similar cases.
    Justice For Jenelyne!!

  • his cover photo looks like he is a relaxed guy, actually a demon murderer, bai yu kisim time lon bomana so wet na police stretim ol file blo yu.
    You fit man bai yu na lawyer blo yu , yutepla defendim lon trial case.
    20 yrs plus lon bomana waitim yu stap .

  • The ultimate power comes from the judges. Judges, lawyers and Doctors knows what to do and what not to do. Sometimes they abuse their position under the influence of money. This is because of their selfish thoughts.
    Credit to justice Paul Russia for making the right decision.

  • Firstly, Pauline Humbi can you tell us where did the mother have gone, and for what reason? When beating the mother to death did he think of his children’s caring? My understanding to your comment does not make sense. Secondly, Jojo you are just same as Pauline Humbi. Are you twos his relatives? If that is so then shame on you. The murderer’s side of story is clear. What stories will he tell? The beatings and the killing? The law is interested about the ACTIONS not the Emotions and Provocations. Let Kaiwi rot away in jail.

  • Jenelyn was a pretty young female which Kaiwi should have cared and loved. He has two children which Jenelyn cared and loved. Now Jenelyn is gone from continous verbal, physical, sexual, sychological assults and died from her own lover while that senseless inhuman humanbeing is still alive and asking for bail out.
    He is a young man physically but a devil in him. There are many reasons for her death, investigatigations should justify.
    Reasons for the death will garrantee your bail application otherwise, you are dangerous to other good loving people while Devil is your friend. You can come out from Devil deal within the system otherwise wisdom will be there who are dealing with Late Jenelyn’s case. Change your life Bomana, only God knows and through him you can be free. Wish you and your lawyer best of luck.

  • Did Kaiwi mention on why he has continuously bashed his wife until her death?
    Stop looking at one sided stories

    • Yes I support that. So far we have heard nothing from Kawai as to the reasons he continuously abused his late partner. The matter is simple and straight forward. Kaiwi should be jailed for life….

  • Let him be in prison for he has no place of freedom because such attitude has spoil the name of PNG through social media and other countries recognized violence in us already. Even though he bails, he got no place and everyone hates him.

    Bro atleast you deserve imprisonment….go to prison and learn your mistakes and pray to god so that he will forgive you for your wrong diings

  • Dear Lawyer why knowing taking his sides? You are making humor out yourself. don’t abuse yourself cheaply.
    let that perpetrator go where he should and remain there forever if it is to be.

    Enough of breaking Laws and building Laws. serve with dignity.

  • Why be a LAWYER and live as a lier? I hope this situation catches your daughters if you are his LIER.

    Money is less valuable than your daughter’s, sister’s, and mother.

    Be content and live the lives to its fullness.

  • Kaiwi, yu wari long meri bilong yu taim em lusim blut na krai na singaut. Bilong wanem yu mekim olsem?
    Sapos igat belhevi, em meri bilong yu, sindaun wantaim em na toktok ya!
    Wanem kain lewa yu gat, bilong man (human) or bilong enimel or wanpela samting i nogat laip?

  • okay if Kaiwi wants to be bailed out of prision, he must make a vow to do awareness of domestic violence for the rest of his life after coming out of prision. If he does not do awareness of domestic violence he will be put back into prision for life year. Make that liability becoming an assert again to the society. make the stupid Kaiwi becoming valuableable Kaiwai who can contribute value to the society. as long as he lives, he will be doing domestic violence all the time.

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