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STUDENTS attending higher education institutions will continue classes despite the surge in Covid-19 cases around the country, according to the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.
Department secretary Fr Jan Czuba said after discussions with National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning, it was agreed that higher education institutions should continue their academic programmes.
He said the instructions by Manning on the rescheduling of learning and teaching activities for the academic year only applied to primary and secondary schools.
All higher education institutions must follow strategies to address the Covid-19:

  • RESCHEDULE the 2021 graduation ceremonies to a later date;
  • ARRANGE for contact classes to be in smaller groups with face-to-face teaching, for example one or two hours for each group.
    Consider allocating one additional hour of class contact time for each unit;
  • MAXIMISE the use of learning and teaching facilities by offering afternoon/evening classes to manage smaller groups of students;
  • CONSIDER dividing the class in cohort(s) as such that nonresidential students could have face-to-face contact classes in the morning to noon and residential students could have face-to face classes in the afternoon;
  • WHERE online study is possible, it must be used fully.

He said residential students or staff should be quarantined (by self-isolation) upon their return to campus for a minimum of 14 days, unless they had been medically cleared of the Covid-19.
If a student’s absenteeism is in breach of academic and non-academic policies, he or she must repeat the academic year.
He said non-residential students must not be denied an education.
“Each higher education institution must ensure that before those students enter the campus, they are adequately assessed.
“If they have any symptoms of cold and flu, they must be isolated,” he said.
He advised heads of institutions to work with their local health authority in providing awareness in surrounding communities.
“No one can save us from the Covid-19 but ourselves. We must do what is right to protect ourselves and those around us,” he said.
He thanked the students for their continued support and cooperation.
“We pray to the Lord in this time of uncertainty for His wisdom and peace,” he said.
“We pray for those who are sick that they would be healed.
“We pray for health care workers, that they would have the strength and energy to care for the sick.”


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