No changes to ladder after A-league round

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The National, Tuesday June 18th, 2013

 THERE are no changes to the competition ladder because only two A-League matches were played on Sunday in the NCD Public Servants competition at PNGIPA Oval.

The two matches saw the Yamaros Football Club Lions fighting to a scoreless draw against City United. 

The draw pushes Yamaros two points closer to competition leader Wantoks, who still lead with 10 points despite not having a game on Saturday.

Simla joins Wantoks on the top of the ladder with a 1-0 victory over Murat, from Mussau Island, in New Ireland.  

Saturday’s cancelled games were Wantok- Murat, PNGIPA-Buria and Tarangau-Musa. The games were postponed because of heavy rain.

The ladder: Wantoks 10, Simla 10, YFC Lions 8, Tarangau 7, PNGIPA 7, City United 6, Musa 4, Murat 3, Morata Roots 2 and Buria 1.

NCD Public Servants Soccer chief Vonnie Kapi Natto said the matches would be rescheduled during the season as wash-out games.

The women’s A-League ladder: Tarangau 12, Wantoks 10, YFC Lions 9, Murat 8, City United 7, Morata Roots 6, Musa 3, Buria 3, PNGIPA 0, Simla 0. 

In other NCDPSSA news, the executive are firm on the movement of players between the Port Moresby Soccer Association and NCDPSSA.

The new executives will introduce an ID card system during the season to clamp down on the illegal movement of players.