No changes to school fees

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The National- Wednesday, January 12, 2011


THE National Education Board (NEB) has decided that the maximum school fees limit for all institutions this year will remain the same as last year.

In a public notice cited by The National yesterday, it was indicated that NEB made the decision based on the outcomes of a 2009 “Parental school fees affordability study”.

The study stated various hardships parents were experiencing living beyond their means.

“NEB sets maximum school fee limits in order to guide provincial education authorities and department of education divisions to set realistic fees.

“The 2011 school fees limit take into account the rise in the prices of goods and services, the effects of inflation and also the need to keep the cost to parents as low as possible, but at the same time provide school colleges with sufficient funds for their operational costs,” the 

notice read.

It was highlighted that the decision applied to national institutions including institutions in NCD and provincial institutions in provinces where a current provincial education act is not applicable.

The NEB maximum limit fees limit for elementary (Preparatory to Grade 2) have no parental component.

Other levels are as follows:

. Primary Grade 3 to 6, K230;  

. Primary Grade 7 to 8, K230;

. Secondary/ vocational Grade 7 to 10, K750 for day students and K1,100 for boarding students

.Secondary/National High School, Grade 11 to 12 K800 (day) and K1,300 (boarder); and

.FODE (per subject) K80. 

Technical and business colleges;

* Diploma/ Technician (22weeks) K2,180;

. Diploma/Technician (44weeks) K4,600;

. PETT/TCC (self sponsored) (44weeks) K4,600;

.PETT/ TTC HECAS  (44weeks) K4,600;

. Bridging course (10weeks) K1,170;

. Apprentice/extension (8weeks) K1,050; and

.Part time/ special course-vary, depending on the course volume. Colleges will also charge K300 as administration fee for 44 week courses 

All primary teachers colleges and PNG education institute (PNGEI)

. Primary teachers college K1,257;

. Diploma in teaching, primary, corporate sponsor K5,000; 

. PNGEI self sponsored, day K3,500;

. Diploma of vocational education and training (DOVET) self sponsor and boarder K4,500 and K2,635 for day students; and

l DOVET Hecas, K3,892.