No check and balance if graft rampant

Letters, Normal

THE rise and fall of Papua New Guinea is largely dependent on the performance of how our departmental heads manage their organisations to achieve the highest outcomes in terms of strategic planning as well as the ability to sustain and maintain the resources at hand.
Unfortunately, almost 90% of our departmental heads are playing politics so they can stay longer instead of running the institutions or organisations they are in charge of.
One thing is for certain, that the Government is also in the same boat and the end result is it has created avenues for corruption to take place.
The Government has ridden on the back of incompetent managers to pursue its own political dominance as these institutions and organisations are not able to provide a check and balance governance for a better regime.
It is a win-win situation and the good managers are always overlooked.
This trend has and will continue into the future.
A good example is the PNG Defence Force.
As a colonel, I am sick with the mess we are in and request the minister and the Government to look into its affair.
It is of paramount importance that this Government chooses a commander with strong attributes if we are to regain our lost pride.
If the Government is to save the PNGDF now, please replace commander Peter Ilau and Defence secretary Fred Punagi immediately.


Concerned colonel
Port Moresby