No CIC officer in Bulolo


I APPLAUD the government for its initiative to review its policies and programmes in order to revive the economy.
Agriculture is getting the attention it deserves and farmers and stakeholders in the coffee sector must be happy with the news.
As Coffee Industry Corporation  now embarks on its recovery plan to increase coffee volume, which has declined in the past 3 to 4 years, it must ensure officers are at the district levels to drive the initiative and the organisation’s “tree to cup” quality policy.
For Bulolo, Morobe, not having a CIC officer on the ground is not helping this drive forward.
Officers tasked to work in the district have left since 2016 and are now based in Lae with the two vehicles for coffee services.
Can the CIC and relevant district authorities look into this matter?
Farmers are looking forward to being part of the CIC and Government’s plans and they do not want to miss out.

Agtrade, Bulolo

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