No deals done yet: Yasause

National, Normal

SIDELINED executive director of the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainability, Dr Theo Yasause, has denied any deals struck between himself, the OCCES or the State on carbon trade.
Dr Yasause said much had been said to tarnish his name through the media by certain interest groups and individuals on allegations of sale of certain forest areas.
He said the allegations were baseless as no contract existed either with him, the OCCES or the State in committing the forest areas to any carbon trading firms.
He said certain companies, which have an interest in undertaking voluntary trade, had approached various landowners in discussions for future engagement.
Dr Yasause said OCCES was working on developing policies and measures that would guide the development of a revenue stream for forest resource owners working closely with the PNG Forest Service and other stakeholders.
“There is no contract with the State or the Office of Climate Change with Climate Assist, and Carbon Planet as mentioned in the media.
“No funding has ever been advanced to the Office, or any Member of Parliament, ministers or Dr Yasause for the establishment and operations of the office,” he said.
Dr Yasause said no rights had even been assigned to any entity or individuals.