No deaths, just stunts in Madang

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The National, Friday July 6th, 2012

THOUGH no election-related deaths were reported in the usually quiet town of Madang, a few stunts by supporters of candidates stood out.
Due to the discrepancies in the common rolls, many resorted to double voting. That was common in the province.
A youth tried to pull a fresh one by immediately dipping his fingers in a sliced lemon in his pocket to erase the ink mark but was noticed by scrutineers who took him to the  lock-up.
A man known to close friends as the “money bag” for a certain candidate was caught red-handed giving out cash to voters at Malmal village.
Police who searched his vehicle found K14,000 inside a case. He is the subject of a police investigation.
In the hinterlands of the Gama local level government area, particularly wards 10 and 11, a polling team is still awaiting a helicopter to get them out of there.
They were confronted by Bundai villagers at Bongamamp village who took all the ballot boxes.
The whereabouts of the boxes are not known but should be tracked by GPS.
There are reports that all the ballot boxes are fitted with traceable chips. This was verified by an election official.
Also in the same Usino-Bundi electorate, a Bundi polling team watched a clash between two groups of the Karizogra clan. The dispute was over their lack of support for a son of Karizogra contesting the regional seat. Shots were reportedly fired.
While all attention was on the fight, villagers from nearby Snopas swooped in and took the ballot box which showed a crack mark when it was returned a few hours later.
Many are satisfied with the outcome of the polling and are eagerly awaiting the counting day.
The pressure is also on the election steering committee to settle any outstanding entitlements.
Security officers were promised allowances of K200 per day by the police commissioner.