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Govt to decide whether classes will resume in Port Moresby
Dr Uke Kombra

SCHOOLs in Port Moresby will know by Wednesday whether they should resume classes because of the increase in coronavirus cases over the last two weeks, an official says
Education secretary Dr Uke Kombra said they had forwarded a recommendation to the National Executive Council, highlighting the implications on education of the closure of schools.
Two weeks ago, Education Minister Joseph Yopyyopy directed that all schools in Port Moresby be closed from July 29 to Aug 12.
“We have submitted a proposal to the Government and we are waiting (for a response),” Kombra said.
“By Tuesday or Wednesday (this week), we should get a response on whether or not schools will resume.”
Since last Friday, there were 48 more cases reported in the capital city. The others were in Lae, Lihir and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville with one each. The national total as of yesterday is 214.
Kombra said discussions would be held on the impact of the Covid-19 and the suspension of schools, especially with national examinations coming up.
But the Grade 12 written expression examination would go ahead as planned.
“We have advised students to pick their examination booklets on Monday (today) and prepare for the exam on Aug 17,” he said.
Meanwhile, Newcrest Mining Limited confirmed that a 30-year-old employee who had flown in from Port Moresby on July 30 was tested positive.
He was one of the 26 confirmed cases reported yesterday by the National Pandemic Control Centre in Port Moresby. There was one in Lae.
Of the 24 cases in Port Moresby, 11 were identified through testing in the Wanigela settlement in Koki.
Acting Health Secretary Dr Paison Dakulala urged residents in other suburbs of Port Moresby to report to the nearest clinic if they have a cough, sore throat or flu-like illness.
Of the 214 confirmed cases, there are 140 active cases, 71 have been discharged, three died.
“As PNG hits the 200 mark today, it is a critical time for all of us to fight this virus,” Dakulala said.
Meanwhile, patients in Morobe, West Sepik, Southern Highlands, Western and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are continuing contact tracing for the confirmed cases.
All cases are monitored by their provincial health authorities.


  • Can Health Department give feature information on three dead cases?
    The COVID-19 is World pandemic issue, it became part of other common diseases and be within our society throughout the entire future generations of PNGeans… but 214 cases in a month and actively increasing was very surprising to citizens!!!
    Education Department, can you came up with same brilliant ideas and protocols so that we(students) can complete schooling throughout the academic year with confidence mind?

  • Send your health officers to settlements and see for yourselves whether people are taking precautions or not. The lockdown has severely affected our day to day living.

  • This is getting tougher than expected. PNG Economy will be questioned as number of cases Continue to rise. Schools will be affected, as many will not be able to cope up with the academic performance they supposed to expect. This will also affect their further studies in the tertiary institution. As cases Continue to rise, tougher measures will be also put in place, whether school year to be continued or suspended throughout the country.

  • My personal opinion: shutting down of schools shouldn’t be an option to embark on as a means to prevent the Corona Virus. Doing so will have dramatic effects on our infant economy in the long run. There has to be consistency in Health and education in our country regardless of the level they operate in.

    Shutting down of schools will only double the dramatic effects on our economy. The undeniable fact is, Corona Virus is here to stay and whether we like it or not, we will co-exist with the virus. Hence, the only way to pump blood into our economy and to minimise the effects of the noble corona virus is to come up with the best of strategies as to how we could go about avoid contracting the virus.

    The seemingly impenetrable mindsets of PNG’eans can and will eventually be dissolved by consistent and effective awareness programs nationwide.

    Higher authorities should not give up on running awareness simply because of the fact that people are reluctant to follow instructions. That reason would be lame in nature.

    Let’s stand together and put our minds to work and come up with the best of strategies measure to co-exist with the virus until a vaccine is found.

    Ishmael John

  • Covid -19 is highly contagious and the threat it poses should not be taken lightly. Senior officers in the department of education were infected with covid-19 recently in a workshop in Port Moresby. What happened to all the protocols?

  • It’s a wise decision if Schools across the nation be suspended, let the students set for their examination, both written Expressions and core Examination…Given the time frame, the broad based topics for all subjects that will be examine…

  • From my view, I think we should close Primary schools, because they are kids they can’t control themselves in public places and public vehicles while travelling to and from school. Teachers can provide lessons and assignments through parent’s e mail addresses.
    Kids are likely to spread this virus. As an adults and a parent to two primary students am raising my concern.
    to conclude ,I know very well who kids are, and what they really do when they are out their with friends .

  • The lock down just only affecting us since people were not even in isolation too and our COVID 19 funds were not managed properly

  • Just an information for those who encourage people to report to the nearest health centers if they feel flu like symptoms. That is possibly the worst advice you can give. That’s the best way to continue spreading the virus if those people happen to be really positive.
    The best way therefore is to call an ambulance if you feel sick. Stay home, call the ambulance and they will come.and pick you up.

  • Lock down is not the only solution to this issue because it has greatly affected us the University students during the first half. There should be some other alternatives that must be possible to this instead of lock down. The safety guidelines to avoid the spread of Covid19. The tertiary students must complete their studies.

  • People die from all kinds of diseases/sicknesses so why should total shutdown be an option in the nation’s capital or PNG? The shutdown of the entire workforce will have negative repercussions on the economy of the country which will affect the entire populace of the country.

  • Tertiary students must complete their studies this year, through online classes or other alternative if classes were to be suspended this year.

  • Is life important or anything else? As a responsible government please it’s a life threatening situation here. Businesses should continue as usual with strict guidelines inplace by the covid-19 control centre or WHO for that matter but schools should be completely closed down for the year and start afresh next year repeating everyone right through. Schools are more vulnerable than any activity. Education is here to stay and will never run away.

    At the same time and mind you, the teachers are put under immense pressure by the sudden shutting down of schools which they feel the pinch of it trying to cope with the situation. Starting up is another nightmare to them so please if the numbers are rising then do think constructively and just better close all schools nation wide and start afresh next year. No one is running away from the country. We are all here to live and die here.
    Baramandi tauna…eso bada erea

  • Coronona Virus is a pandemic to the World , my question is can the Government and the Health Department come clear on the cause of the 3 deaths in Port Moresby, also why is other Pacific island countries COVID 19 cases remain stagnant and most patients in these countries recovered and PNG figures has soared in a short period of time to 240 cases, on the other hand what type of machine are they (medical doctors ) using? we as citizens want to know because we are greatly affected by the impacts of COVID 19, poor street people ,unemployed population are suffering greatly , other sick people are suffering from and less attention is given to them, school students studies in all levels of education system are affected ,other concerns /issues such as movement of people from village to urban areas to sell their garden produce are affected , Unemployment rate is increasing because Companies /business houses are loosing and they have to resort in removing the workforce, further all these are Micro & Macro economic factors on PNG economy.

    whether some cases are true or otherwise the Government should allow normalcy and all people should follow the strict safety measures (hygiene practices) and follow protocols of COVID 19 health measures in Public places,stores,schools,buses etc so the economy gets going.

    Thank you em tasol liklik tinting blo me

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