No eforcement of laws


WE are in September and Papua New Guinea’s birthday is fast approaching but still we find ourselves being told what and how to act by our colonial master.
The Australian government advisors and police liaison officers do nothing to encourage our state development, in fact, they have taken us back to the days of the Rooney Affair raising the clash between the executive and judiciary.
We have more laws than many countries of our size and the majority of these laws have absolutely no relevance to the millions of citizens.
Let us face it, we have educated a generation of lawyers in the intricacies of law deferral but nothing in the way of law enforcement.
How many commissions of inquiries do we need to spend millions of kinas on when the basic laws of the country cannot be enforced?
Seriously PNG, why is our present health emergency a law and order issue?
How many betel nut bans and litter laws do we need to pass without proper enforcement?
There are road rules, registration rules, tax laws, company registration rules, banking rules which are all aimed and financed by the formal economy but are not effective.
The recent quandary over the movement of the cocaine haul to Australia just irks of the puppets strings our government is facing.
This highlights that the price of Australia aid is no different to that of the spectrum from the north.
Are our laws relevant?
Are they worth the money it cost to draft and legislate them in the first place?
What is their purpose?
If they’re put in place just for control of the people then perhaps they are unconstitutional.
Are we not entitled to get a return out of these investments?
Have our laws just become a vehicle for corruption between the executive and the judiciary facilitated by the legislators?
We know about the roadblocks, spot fines and other measures but where is the enforcement process to track and trace these processes?
Is there a line up at Vulupindi Haus with infringement notices being paid?
I think not.
Why do I continue to see PMVs and taxis that are not roadworthy swerving around like racing cars with no personal protective equipment?
Why do I see betel nut and roadside barbeques and stores in highly visible area with no enforcement at all?
Why is our tax paying for fat police sitting around chewing the very products that are banned in public?
Prime Minister James Marape has made the call to take back PNG and make the richest black Christian nation on earth.
But who are we really taking it back from? The colonial puppet masters?

Manu Marikina

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