No employment plan for B’ville youth


While many provinces and districts in the country are benefiting from the Pacific Labour Scheme to work in Australia and New Zealand, Bougainville is missing out in a big way.
Recently, Milne Bay’s Esa’ala sent 100 young men and women to pick fruits in Australia under the scheme.
This is a reflection of their hard working local member.
When will leaders in Bougainville wake up to create something better for young Bougainvilleans?
Bougainville’s internal revenue stands as one of the lowest in the country, yet our leaders are always good in talking and talking with nothing to show for.
According to the National Research Institute report on Bougainville’s income revenue, one of the recommendations was for Bougainville to create opportunities to send its young unemployed youths to join the scheme.
Who is going to implement this recommendation?
Why is the Bougainville Autonomous Government sleeping too much?
Why is the regional member for Bougainville sleeping too much?
When will Bougainville leaders start creating something better for Bougainvilleans to earn money to boost Bougainville’s revenue rather than depending on monies from the National Government?

Mason Jason

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