No end to violence against women

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The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

IT looks like the suspended police commissioner’s effort to end violence against women within the RPNGC has failed.
I witnessed this incident and feel compelled to write what I saw.
The incident happened at about 10am on Dec 4 along the Esplanade in Lae.
A 10-seater police trooper (registration provided), pulled up next to where mv Kuanua is lying.
A policeman in uniform stepped out and picked up a piece of metal before opening the back door.
Two other policemen, who are armed, and another person who appeared to be a civilian, jumped out.
The first policeman then belted a woman inside the vehicle with the metal.
Five minutes later, everyone climbed into the vehicle and drove off.
If our policemen continue to show violence against women, who can they turn to for help?

Meri Morobe