No funds to clean town

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The National, Thursday July 7th, 2016

Daru mayor Samuel Wingu yesterday expressed his concern that the struggling economy is hindering their efforts to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and dengue fever in Daru.
Wingu said the diseases were caused by filth and the overcrowding environment.
Daru in the South Fly district of Western, has been one of the worst-affected areas in PNG.
“We need to play our part in keeping the town clean to prevent our residents from being further affected. We need to get our local level government quarterly grants from the Government to pay casual workers to cut grass, collect rubbish and do other general cleaning activities,” Wingu said.
“So far we have not received any grants since January. We are now into the third quarter and the town is full of rubbish and overgrown bushes. This filthy environment is directly contributing to the spread of TB and dengue fever.”
Meanwhile, Lake Murray LLG president Set Galeva is concerned that the dispute between former acting provincial administrator Dr Modowa Gumoi and the acting provincial administrator Gul Gorgom is affecting service delivery in the province.
“We understand that the National Court ruled in favour of Gorgom last month, yet Dr Gumoi still seems to be in the office,” Galeva said.
Galeva has called on the Provincial and Local Level Government Department acting secretary Dickson Guina to intervene.