No games yet


Hello everyone, welcome to the 26th ‘Churchie’s Comment’ for the year in your favourite rugby league newspaper — The National.
The lockdown in Brisbane ended on Sunday at 4pm, however restrictions were kept in place that limits training and playing games for community sport.
Queensland Intrust Super Cup falls under the classification of community sports, therefore we are unable to play until restrictions are lifted.
Potentially, if everything heads in the right direction, there is potential for restrictions to ease early next week.
Should that happen, our round 18 game versus Brisbane Tigers can proceed as per schedule. The Queensland Rugby League have informed all clubs that the competition structure can be pushed out by a couple of weeks allowing for some rounds to be played.
Rounds 16 and 17 are standalone rounds, meaning teams that haven’t played each other yet this season so they being projected to play post round 19.
In that event, we will play rounds in the following order, 18 (Tigers), 19 (Souths), 16 (Capras) then 17 (Tweed).
The grand final can not be extended past the 10th of October, therefore if round 18 is affected it will be cancelled and not replayed.
So to clarify, subject to restrictions, there will be three or four more rounds to complete the season.
While we have faced some disruption we just attempt to adapt to the current situation as best we can.
We are lucky to be based in a facility which allows for us to maintain our schedule similar to that of our normal program.
We continue to train and keep each other entertained while wait to get past this situation.
Outside of the update, there isn’t much more to report on the football front.
We understand we are lucky to do what we do and hope to provide some entertainment when we can get back on the field.
The Hunters have been keeping an eye on the Digicel Cup as it heats up towards the finals.
We wish teams the best of luck with the final round this weekend.
Additionally, we will watch on with excitement as the finals play out and hope that every team plays to potential and we see a great finals series.
Until next week, stay safe, play safe and let’s all respect and be kind to each other.