No help for deceased teacher


I WOULD like to raise a concern of the State, through its Central education division, repatriating a deceased Coronavirus (Covid-19) patient from the funeral home to his home in Finschhafen, Morobe.
The deceased was a teacher at Mainohana Secondary School in Central.
He allegedly got infected when he was marking grade 10 examination papers at Iorawari Secondary School.
When he was taken to the hospital, he tested positive for the Covid-19.
After his death, his body was taken to the funeral home a week ago and is still there.
The Education Department, through the provincial education division, is the responsible authority to pay for all the funeral home expenses and repatriation from Port Moresby to the deceased’s home district.
However, nothing has been done.
The funeral home has given a deadline of Nov 23 for payments and to remove the body.
It is understood that the Central education advisor was made aware of this and contacted the Mainohana Secondary principal five days ago.
However, to date, they both have done nothing to assist in meeting the outstanding expenses that has been incurred.
Can relevant authorities do some about this?
The deceased died while serving the State as a committed teacher and yet the State is ignoring performing its lawful responsibilities.

Ministry of Education