No hire cars for public servants, Tongamp says

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The National, Monday November 4th, 2013

 THE Jiwaka provincial executive council has banned the use of hire cars.

Governor William Tongamp (pictured), said on Saturday, in Banz during the provincial management team meeting that the provincial administration would not pay for any hire cars.

Tongamp advised hire car companies in the province and neighbouring Highlands provinces not to lend their vehicles to any public servants in the provincial administration.

“We will not pay for the hire cars. Our stand is very clear now and we stand by our decision,” he said.

Tongamp said the provincial government had bought vehicles recently for programme managers in the province.

He said the vehicles should be used wisely and shared among their colleagues as they needed the vehicles for official duties.

Tongamp urged public servants allocated vehicles to look after them and use them for  official duties only.

He said the plate numbers of the vehicles would be given to the police in Minj, Banz, and Nondugl to ensure they were not misused during the weekend or after hours.

“If police see anyone driving around in the provincial government’s vehicle after hours or on weekends carrying passengers, the police will take the vehicle off them and lock it up,” he said.

He said officers misusing the vehicle would face disciplinary actions.

He said every day after work, all vehicles would be locked up in a transport pool.