No illegal rallies allowed: Yakasa

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ILLEGAL rallies or public assemblies will not be tolerated during the Christmas and New Year festive in the nation’s capital.
Police would be out in full force for the operation Nuipela Sindaun to ensure that peace was high on priority list this season.
National Capital District police commander Chief Supt in Command Fred Yakasa has issued orders to all police station commanders and sectional heads in a briefing on Wednesday afternoon that anyone caught would be arrested for conducting an illegal assembly. 
Chief Supt Yakasa denounced the idea of illegal marches during the festive period when echoing similar sentiments made earlier this year by Police Commissioner Gari Baki against such illegal public gatherings. 
He also called on the commanders and sectional heads to also be on alert in light of intelligent information concerning Asian business that was circulating electronically via emails around the city.
He said although police were still unaware of who was responsible for the emails, officers were advised to assist in the investigations.