‘No jab, no job’

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THE National Capital District Commission (NCDC) plans to enforce a “no jab, no job” policy by requiring all employees to be vaccinated by Nov 1, or be taken off the payroll.
An inter-office memorandum dated yesterday with the heading “No jab, no job – vaccinate by Oct 28, 2021” was signed by city manager Bernand Kipit.
NCD Governor Powes Parkop confirmed that the management decision was based on occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements.
“The city manager has to take all steps necessary to protect the welfare of the staff of the commission and to protect the commission so that it continues to function with limited hindrance,” Parkop said.
“As the municipal government or city authority, the commission must continue to function so it ensures essential municipal services continue as they are equally important for the city, its economy and wellbeing.”
He said protecting the NCDC “against irresponsible employees” was an important responsibility of the management and board.
The memorandum stated that the 150-plus employees who had been fully vaccinated would be given coloured Identification (ID) cards this week or by the middle of next week. The unvaccinated workers will be divided into two groups. The first group will be given time-off from Oct 14 to 21 to get the first dose of the vaccine.
The second group will be given one week from Oct 21 to 28 to do the same.
It means that by Nov 1, all employees still unvaccinated “will be put off the payroll”.
“Those who remain unvaccinated by the end of the year “will be issued summary termination for non-compliance with the OHS policy”.
Kipit said in the memo the move was warranted because of the “devastation the Delta variant is creating in the Highlands region and the rest of the world”.
“We have a duty to protect our staff and the commission,” he said.
“The closure of the commission as a result of (the Covid-19) will affect the entire city.” Parkop said he would be calling a board meeting soon to make a decision on the matter.
“I want to encourage the public too to take the vaccine as it will protect us, our families, our friends and work colleagues against the virus. Let’s not wait for body bags to pile up at the morgues and funeral homes.”

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