No lack of business opportunities in Oro

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Let us go on an entrepreneur journey from Oro Bay to Kokoda. This journey will help us to visualise what activities we can do to help ourselves and our province.
Many people commute in and out of Oro Bay every day. Cargill, Island Petroleum, Double Cross sawmill, etc, are some companies that operate out from Oro Bay.
Commuters travel to and from Lae and Alotau every Saturday. 
But the people of Oro Bay do not see the spin-off business opportunities. Why can’t they build a good tucker shop? How about building a market?
What about building a good picnic spot and charging people for using facilities such as barbeque (BBQ), sheds, firewood, etc?
Our next stop is Girua Airport.
At the moment, there is hardly any business activity there and only few women are seen selling betelnut.
Here are some suggestions for Girua landowners. Build a permanent tucker shop and provide some entertainment for passengers.
What about building a proper resting area? Build proper toilet facilities and charge people who want to use them. Currently, there are no toilets.
Security should not be a problem because you are the landowner.
Our business trip ends at Kokoda.
Kokoda should be a hive of activity due to the influx of tourists. But there are only two guest houses and the tourism industry is not vibrant.
People can benefit immensely if they were to sell artifacts, put on cultural shows for tourists, etc.
Kokoda should be a vibrant and booming little town. Sadly, this is not the case. It is a dead town with tall grass covering everything.
Oro province is quite well known throughout the world because World War II was fought vigorously here.
Sadly, the people are not cashing in on this important and significant world event.
There is nothing at Buna and Sanananda to attract tourists.All the warships are completely submerged and no effort is being made to recover them and exhibit them.
Finally, this is for the people living along the Kokoda Highway. I will not stop to buy fuel because I have a full tank. But I will definitely stop to buy bananas, fresh coconuts or local fruits.


Joe Simbiken