No laws to protect victims of violence


WE are aware that witches and sorcerers do exist and sorcery is real.
Sorcerers and witches exist for different reasons.
They exist for medical or healing purposes, security, fame, power, wealth, and other reasons they might have.
No one can deny their existence.
Accusing suspected sorcerers is what concerns me more than sorcery it-self.
One day my daughter might be accused of sorcery. Who knows?
She might even be tortured and brutally murdered (God forbid).
I would be dead and gone, but who will protect my child?
What laws on sorcery are there to ensure that perpetrators are held responsible for their actions?
I cannot protect my would-be child in the future when I am dead.
But I can try to protect her now by helping to change views on sorcery-related accusations and violence.

Trixie Anne

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