No logic to school’s closure


I am writing this letter as a concerned parent and on behalf of other parents to Education secretary Dr Kombra and the Education minister as to whether or not you gave the authorisation to Gordon Secondary School principal to close the school for the term and year.
We are aware that the minister, in a circular, stated clearly that all the schools in the country are to officially close on Dec 10, 2021.
My child brought home a newsletter on Thursday (Nov 18) issued by the school principal stating that two students had tested positive for the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the school had to close.
The principal further stated that some teachers were sick from other communal diseases and this was another challenge the school had to face so it had to close.
Our concern is, this is manageable if the principal can think strategically and logically.
He could have allowed the two students to be quarantined and do contact tracing.
However, this did not happen.
Also, the principal should not use the teachers being sick as another reason to close the school.
The grade 9 Maths Unit 3 – Working with data has six topics with 36 lessons while Unit 4 – Design in 2D & 3D geometry has five topics with 46 lessons and they are yet to be covered but since the school has closed, the principal did not indicate in the newsletter how these topics and lessons would be covered.
And this is only for maths, I’m sure other subjects also have topics and lessons left uncovered.
Similarly, my other child in Gr 11 also has many remaining topics and lessons left uncovered.
What is the principal’s plan and how does he intend to cover those remaining topics and lessons?
I have paid the parental component fees for my child to be educated and now my child’s education is disrupted.
We are asking secretary Dr Kombra and the minister to intervene because this principal has disrupted our children’s education by unnecessarily suspending the remaining school term without proper strategies in place.

Concerned Parent