No more lip service to the people: Malabag

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THE spotlight is now on the public service to deliver PNG Vision 2050 to the people, Public Employees Association president Michael Malabag said.
The head of the largest public sector union and a member of the task force that put together the vision document said last Thursday that there must be no more lip service to the people who have suffered in the past 34 years.
“Our people have suffered enough.
“This document gives our children and their children hope for the next 40 years,” Mr Malabag said.
He said the message that the majority of the people gave during their visits to provinces and the districts were clear – they were not benefiting from the nation’s wealth and there was complete lack of public service delivery in the districts.
Mr Malabag said public service in the district had to be improved so that experienced public servants go in and serve.
“There must be good terms and conditions with better pay and housing to attract qualified people into the districts.”
He said major social service departments such as health, education, economic sector agents like agriculture, forestry and fisheries must all be at the district level.
“Key impact departments must be in all the districts so that PNG Vision 2050 is not only implemented but must have an impact to show Government commitment to the people and to ensure adequate government service delivery.”
Mr Malabag said the public service must also be fully-equipped to show Government presence in the rural communities.
“Aid posts must have medicine and life saving equipment.
“Medicines must be there and there is no need to make referrals from districts to major centres.”
He also stressed the need for control and accountability.
“Public service is in the spotlight to deliver PNG vision to the people.”
Mr Malabag also gave credit to the Government for recognising stakeholder participation in putting together the vision document.
“This vision is the single most important document produced since Independence.
“I am happy that the union has contributed for the workers, its members and the people,” Mr Malabag said.